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Web site design, custom graphics and custom-built computers are my business. This site features free original backgrounds and themed sets for you to download. But remember...LOOKS ARE DECEIVING!! The graphics you find here do not all have a Victorian or Old-Fashioned look.

There is (or will be) something for everyone. Here you will find original bordered background sets, backgrounds, buttons, etc. I only ask that you do not copy any of the graphics that I have used for my own pages. With that exception, you may download and use any (or all, if you so desire) of the free background sets and graphics that I have provided here for your own personal, non-commercial use.

I will also create custom designed sets for your web site. For information on prices, go to my PRICE LIST page

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To the best of my knowledge, none of the images I have used here are copyrighted. Please notify me if you see any images on these pages that may have copyrights. If I am unable to obtain permission to use them, they will be removed from this site.

If you use any of my graphics on your web pages, I would appreciate a link back to this site. You may use the matching logos that come with each set, or the logo I have provided below. Please be sure to check out my FAQ and Copy Terms pages.